Inspired by Masterchef final?

Try your hand at Oceania Cruises’ Culinary Center, the first hands-on cooking school at sea

Whether it was Geoff’s Sicilian classics or Irini’s take on Greek cuisine, Masterchef finalists have pushed their culinary boundaries and inspired the nation to get cooking.

Master knife skills, explore traditional flavours of Morocco, make fresh pasta from scratch, and learn to cook with fire are some of the skills aspiring ‘Masterchefs’ can pick up aboard Oceania Cruises’ voyages.

Oceania Cruises, the world’s leading culinary-focused cruise line, has nailed its onboard dining options, but passengers looking to enrich their experience can now attend the company’s Culinary Center, the first hands-on cooking school at sea.

In the state-of-the-art culinary studio, expert chefs deliver hands-on cooking classes in a professional teaching kitchen with fully equipped individual stations.

Curated by Director of Culinary Enrichment Chef Kathryn Kelly, the classes are designed to provide hands-on learning, guidance to fine-tune technical skills and, of course, prepare a variety of exquisite dishes.

At select ports, passengers can even accompany the instructor chefs while shopping for fresh ingredients ashore at local markets on exclusive Culinary Discovery Tours.

Culinary Centre cooking classes are available on board the Riviera and Marina ships.

Classes available in 2019
  • All Things Roman
  • Ancient Cuisines: culinary traditions of Morocco & Turkey
  • Brunch Comforts
  • Cooking Fresh: healthy, fresh and flavourful dishes
  • Essential Pasta
  • Greek Tonight
  • Grill School: cook with fire
  • If It Swims: master the basics of fish cookery
  • In the Kitchen with Jacques: perfect your classics
  • Most Requested Red Ginger: Chinese & Thai cuisine
  • Pucker Up: Love and Lemons
  • Rethink the Crêpe
  • Slice: Mastering Chef Knife Skills
  • The Nordic Kitchen
  • The Sicilian Kitchen
  • Viva España

More information can be found at

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